Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our New Blog on San Antonio's Best Neighborhoods!

Good Morning!

This is the first installment of our new blog about San Antonio neighborhoods. For now,we will focus on North San Antonio, since that is where we live, play and do the majority of our work.

We will start with the North Central area of San Antonio. This is roughly the area bordered by North Loop 410 to the South, I10 to the West, 281 to the East and 1604 (and just North of it, including Stone Oak, Rogers Ranch, etc) to the North.

As San Antonio continues to expand, homes in North Central San Antonio homes are in greater demand. While many people orignally loved the idea of being north of 1604 in a big,a new house, many have grown tired of the traffic and longer commutes that being outside the loop often entails. As a result, we have seen a good number of people relocating to be inside 1604 in the North Central area.

North Central has evolved into a prime location in San Antonio. Acclaimed NEISD schools, easy access to major highways, great neighborhoods, nearby shopping,close proximity to Medical Center, parks and other amenites make North Central a great place for people to call home, regardless of their stage of life. Whether single, married, with kids, empty nesters, retired, etc., North Central has a neighborhood to fit just about anybody.

In many ways, North Central offers the best of many worlds. You can get newer homes in recent developments or older homes in established neighborhoods. Different neighborhoods abound, with prices starting in the low $100,000 range for smaller homes in older developments to the multi-million dollar range for luxury homes in prestigious locations like Shavano Park and Elm Creek.

Once considered to be at the geographical fringes of the city, North Central is rapidly becoming an extension of the heart of the city -- close to downtown and all major amenites but maintaining more of the tranquility that we expect from a surburban location.

Well, this concludes our first installment of our Neighborhoods Blog. Future postings will have infomation on specific neighborhoods of North Central San Antonio. We hope you'll come back and join us as we tour through this great part of the Alamo city.

For more information about relocating to North Central San Antonio and the surrounding areas, you can contact Rob and Camille DiMaio at 210-488-1144. You can also visit their website at

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